Plastics are being used to make everything from human body parts to automotive body parts. Plastic injection molding has been the most common form of plastic part engineering since the 1940’s.  It is used to create a huge variety of complex parts of different sizes and shapes at a fraction of the price. 

At the end of the war, in 1946, the invention of the first screw-type injection machine improved the quality of the products being made.  Molds were being made for any variety of applications and what was once used to make combs and buttons was now being used to produce a wide range of items for industries which include:
  • Plumbing
  • Consumer products
  • Toys
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Packaging
Did you know that there are more than 20,000 unique formulations that can be injected into molds to produce parts with specific properties to be utilized for specific purposes?
The plastic injection molding process includes using raw materials such as thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers, which are also called polymers and resins. Today’s machines are fairly simple and straightforward, consisting of a hopper, heating cylinder and an injection plunger.
Molds are typically made from steel or aluminum. Steel is used with molds to produce hundreds of thousands of products. Aluminum is used when the molds only needs to produce around 10,000 pieces.  Major advantages to using plastic injection molding when manufacturing parts include:
  • Low labor costs
  • Minimal scrap loss
  • Ability to complete high production rates
  • Repeatability of high tolerances
  • Little need for finishing
  • Wide range of materials available for specific applications
Whether you want to produce a pair of shoes or a plastic tote bin, plastic injection molding is efficient and economical, especially for high volume production runs over 50K to 100K+ annually. The initial start-up costs to design and build the custom mold are a bit intimidating and in some cases discouraging, however if your product is producing over 100K+ annually your cost is absorbed in a very short time. 
Life today without plastics is hard to imagine.  Some plastics are actually stronger than steel and they are more durable than most any substance on earth. Not only that, they are also relatively inexpensive to produce and reproduce over and over again.


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Our capabilities include a wide range of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) plastic injection molded products including, but not limited to food packaging, sporting goods, containers, handles, cartridges, toothbrushes, toys, connectors, holders, bushings, fittings, levers, inserts, housings and so much more.

We are innovative leaders in custom and standard point of purchase, store fixtures and retail displays.  We bring our expertise and processes to custom displays that captivate and showcase products with unique and innovative style and functionality. Our one-of-kind solutions enable us to support our customers and make them successful. We offer A to Z services from Prototype and Design to Assembly, Warehousing and Shipping.

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