The State of Wisconsin has declared October 2017 Manufacturing Month!

A Message from the State Partners The strength of Wisconsin’s manufacturing industry is vital to the strength of our overall economy. It is critically important that we build and support a pipeline of talent to keep our manufacturers strong as our older generation of workers enters retirement and our economy expands with more opportunities for […]

4 Simple Steps to Choose the Best Design Partner for Your Product

Do you have the next great idea for a brand-new product or an improvement for your existing product?  Naturally you will want to find the best design partner to help you bring your product to market! Here are four simple steps to help you choose the best design partner for your product: 1. Product Design […]

What Does An Injection Molded Part or Product Look Like?

Precision and strength are just two reasons why injection-molded products are one of the fastest growing segments of the plastics industry. They come in countless shapes, sizes and colors! But what does an Injection Molded Part or Product look like?   [huge_it_gallery id=”3″]   Manufacturing Your Custom Plastic Injection Molded Products for Over 70 Years! […]

How Are Lotion Pumps Made?

Plastic lotion pumps, one of the most popular dispensing methods for viscous (thick liquid) products in the personal care and beauty industry, come in all shapes and sizes. Many of these parts are Plastic Injection Molded!  When used as designed, pumps dispense the right amount of product time after time. But have you ever wondered […]

The Role of Plastics in a Circular Economy — Time to Rethink!

This year, the European Commission will release its “Strategy on Plastics in the Circular Economy”. So, what will be the role for plastics? Isn’t the problem of waste and today’s low recycling rates suggesting we should simply restrict the use of plastics? By KARL-H. FOERSTER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, PLASTICSEUROPE 2/16/17, 9:12 AM CET If we are […]