Congrats! Your idea is coming to life. You’ve done some research and it’s clear that your product needs to get in the hands of everyone on the planet!   So where do you go from here, are you ready to work with a contract manufacturer to mass produce your product? We compiled a checklist to help you through the process so you can get your product into production.


Strategic / Marketing Plan

☐ Have you reviewed your (SWOT) situation analysis?

☐ Do you know who your target audience is?

☐ Do you have a clear and focused insight into why a person would use your product?

☐ Who are your competitors?

☐ Do you have a brand-positioning statement?

☐ What are your marketing goals?

☐ How do you plan on selling your product?

☐ Do you know the different advertising or outreach tools you will use?

☐ Have you conducted a market analysis and competitive landscape examination?

☐ Do you know what your marketing budget will look like and are you prepared for it?


Strength of Ownership / Leadership

☐ Will your new product be a part of a startup?

☐ Do you have several “owners” or creators?

☐ Do you have a silent investor?

☐ Will your product join other products at an existing company?

☐What is your role in the development of this product?



☐ Do you have the capital to mass produce your product?

☐ Will you need to borrow or raise funds?

☐ Do you plan on licensing your product to a large company/brand?

☐ Do you intend to do pre-sales of your product to cover your start-up costs?

☐ Are you using a business line of credit or credit card financing?


Shipment History

☐ Has your product been produced in any quantity to date either by short runs or 3D printing?

☐ Have you shipped products from another manufacture?

☐ Do you need an initial production run to begin with?

☐ How many pieces of your product are you looking to have produced in the first 3 years?

☐ If you’ve already produced and had product shipped, what was the market feedback?


 Is there Intellectual Property (IP) Protection in Place?

☐ Is there any other product like yours currently on the market?

☐ Is this product truly one-of-a-kind?

☐ Did you apply for a patent?

☐ Did you apply for both an International and Domestic patent?

☐ Do you have a patent lawyer?


2D/3D Drawings

☐ Do you have 2D or 3D drawings?

☐ Are they Solid Works or CAD drawings?

☐ Did you do them yourself?

☐ Did you work with an engineering firm?

☐ Do you know your product’s material and finish?

☐ Does your product have any tolerances?

☐ Will your product require assembly or packaging?


When you’re ready to reach out to a contract manufacturer for mass production, it’s essential to select the one that best suits your needs. Eventually getting your product manufactured can be a long road with plenty of twists and turns. With research, in depth planning and consulting in specific areas, it’s highly likely you’ll be able to enjoy a path to success and have the pleasure of watching your idea turn into reality.

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