For Over 70 Years PM Plastics Has Provided Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services To Customers Around the World From A to Z!

We manufacture products that you use every day.  We are your Aunts, Brothers, Fathers, Sisters, Mothers and Neighbors; we are hardworking people.  

We have been proudly manufacturing plastic injection molded plastics parts and products for over 70 years. The products we manufacture are found in your home, office, factories and plants and stores and are used by people of all ages.

PM Plastics purpose and passion is to serve our customers and help them be successful.  Everything we do revolves around meeting the needs of our customers and their product goals. 

We are innovative leaders in Custom Plastic Injection Molding design and manufacturing .  We bring our expertise and processes to custom displays that captivate and showcase products with unique and innovative style and functionality.

We partner with customers who are designers, distributors and end users through design, engineering, and manufacturing working on unique concepts and execute full-scale retail roll-outs with flexible solutions at every stage. Our one-of-kind solutions enable us to support our customers and help make them successful.